Uncovering Your Authentic Self

April 30, 2019

By Gary C Smith, Director of Education and Training and Geomic Code Reader, Geomic Code Research Institute

Are you the kind of person who is dedicated to self-development? Then perhaps you have come across content on the web that speaks to topics about personal growth that you want to know more about. Maybe that is how you discovered this article. No matter how you came to be here, let me tell you about a way that you can learn about the choices you have made and how you can take them from the unconscious to the conscious level.

Knowing who we are and growing into our best self consist of not merely being aware of – but also understanding – the choices we make. Yet, many of our decisions are made at the unconscious level, where they are influenced by the demands of others – Mom, Dad, friends, peers, school, government, religious authority, and even our ancestors.

What if there were a way to uncover our spiritual core, a place where our spirit’s DNA forms the basis for who we are at our most authentic best?

The Geomic Code Research Institute has just such a tool. The Geomic Code Assessment looks beyond binary language at a common human code, driven by an individual’s preferences for colors and shapes. When you take the Assessment, and have it read by one of the Institute’s Geomic Code Readers, you will find that it can lead you to a deeper understanding of your unique gifts.

Taking an Assessment and having it read can help you discover the self that is you at your very core – under the layers of a busy life that makes it challenging to hear and listen to the wisdom contained within.

The Geomic Code Assessment and your authentic self

Geomic Code Readers are trained to listen, engage your innate curiosity, and help you come to a place of gratitude for the gifts that define you. They then pose questions that point to a life path not yet taken.

To quote Elizabeth O’Connor, a thought leader on individual creativity, “When we talk about being true to ourselves – being the person we are intended to be – we are talking about gifts. We cannot be ourselves unless we are true to our gifts.” (Eighth Day of Creation, Gifts and Creativity).

Our mission at the Geomic Code Research Institute is to aid in transforming unconscious choices into conscious choices, thereby allowing people to tap into higher sources of wisdom. If you would like our help in uncovering the mystery behind your own unconscious choices, please call us at 925-975-6839 or email blog@geomiccode.com.