Your Primary Shape is a Triangle

Superpower = Connector

Your choice of the Triangle defines you as someone who can connect with others emotionally. You are a seeker of strong and stable relationships. You are a person able to set aside the superficial and recognize the true person behind the social façade. You are gifted with a sincere desire to relate well to others – to hear their story, to share their frustrations and celebrate their successes. You are willing to go beyond the social conventions of the “meet and greet” and really get to know the significant people in your life. Being open to forming relationships on more than a cursory level indicates that you are secure in yourself and are willing to share equally. Your challenge as an adept connector will be to establish relationships that nurture you as you nurture others. All quality relationships are two-way streets with benefits to be had by both parties.

Your Potential

On your path to connecting and committing, where you want to end up is with some answers concerning your potential – your potential as an individual, your potential as a partner, your potential as a social being, your potential as a member of your profession/organization, and your potential as a member of the human race. There is no crystal ball to answer these questions, but if some conclusions can be made based on past happenings, there might be a way to make a few predictions.
As an individual, you have shown yourself to be understanding and practical, and have the potential to be able to continue to display these same admirable traits. As a partner, you have the potential to be communicative, approachable, and objective. Coupled with your recognized traits of being able to connect and commit, these make you a desirable partner. As a professional, you are objective and analytical – easily seen as traits needed in business and most professions. As a member of the human race, you have the potential of being a very attractive and welcome example. Being almost the ideal, you have the qualities of a social being who is connected, committed, communicative, approachable, objective, and analytical. You would be welcome in just about any society.