Your Primary Shape is a Square

Superpower = Focus

Your choice of the Square defines you as someone with an acute ability to focus. You clearly see the here and now – you live in the present. You are also someone who can set a life objective and work diligently toward achieving it. You are someone who is self-determined and goal oriented. You are the stuff of history: those who sailed off to parts unknown during a time when thought dictated that the earth was flat and sailing too close to the edge meant death. Your ability to focus puts you among those who foresaw the advantage of inoculations to prevent disease, and a time when humans would walk on the moon. You can take vague ideas and stay with them until they become a reality. You have the uncanny ability to stick with what you see as a noble objective and to follow through. The time to act is now. Put yourself on the line, put your focus on a worthy purpose and get out there. It is time to show the world who you really are.

Your Potential

As you journey toward finding and expressing your life purpose, you will want to end up with answers concerning your potential – your potential as an individual, your potential as a life partner, your potential as a social being, your potential as a member of your profession/organization, and your potential as a member of the human race. We do not exist in a vacuum and, as humans, we are of an assortment of interacting beings. As our lives touch other lives, we weave an intricate tapestry intermingling bits and pieces of all the personalities we come in contact with. There is no crystal ball available to give answers to the question as to what your potential in any given scenario is. Our only hope is to make predictions based on past experience and, even then, it can only be partially dependable. We can only hope to act in ways that will be honorable and allow us to be seen in the best possible light.