Your Primary Shape is a Rectangle

Superpower = Leader

Your choice of the Rectangle defines you as someone who stands apart as a leader. This is an innate part of your very being. Although you may not always acknowledge or demonstrate this unique gift, your choice of this shape has put you at the head of a legion of innovators, visionaries, forward-thinkers, and action-oriented individuals. On this path, you will recognize how you are able to rise above the average, assert your distinct personal skills, and leave a lasting mark on humanity.

Keep in mind that a rectangle can be viewed from two perspectives – the vertical and the horizontal. When viewed vertically, it is like a doorway to new beginnings and the recognition of new ideas. When viewed horizontally, it becomes a panorama – as in being able to see the ‘big picture’ of an idea or a concept in one fell swoop. Walk into the Rectangle and be open to discovering the talents you possess and contemplate the future that will be open to you. Consider the work that will be needed to strengthen any attributes you possess in order for you to achieve your potential. This is your time to go forth and present to the world the best of who you are.

Your Potential

On your journey toward perfecting your skills as a leader, you will want to end up with some answers concerning your potential – your potential as an individual, your potential as a partner, your potential as a social being, your potential as a member of your profession/organization, and your potential as a member of the human race. There is no crystal ball to answer these questions, but if some conclusions can be made based on past happenings, there might be a way to make a few predictions.

As an individual, you are both inspired and inspiring. You are inspired by the knowledge that you can successfully lead by example just by doing the things that come to you naturally. You are inspiring to others who see you as someone to look up to and emulate. As a life partner, you are intentional and consistent. You think before you act and consider the consequences and the impact before you speak. You go forward with clear goals and intentions and with a desire to live in harmony with others. You are also consistent and can be counted on to be responsible for yourself and those you care for. As a social being, you are welcomed by your colleagues especially for your attributes of being purposeful of intent and organized in thought. Your social self is well-received and much enjoyed.

Professionally, your potential is displayed in your ability to be decisive and accessible. You are admired by others who see you as someone willing to take charge with the intention of creating an outcome to be enjoyed universally. You are admired for your ability to be inclusive of all people and motivated toward inspiring others to be the same. You are a good human being and your potential to do good in the world is absolute.