Your Primary Shape is a Oval

Superpower = Caring

Your choice of the Oval identifies you as an individual imbued with the ability to care for yourself, for others, for humanity in general. The beauty of the Oval is that the word “care” can be interpreted in so many ways. What this signifies is that you have a broad path to journey as you set about to discover the depth of your capacity to care inclusively while also discovering the ways that this gift will enrich your life and the lives of those with whom you connect. Be open to recognizing the dynamics of this gift and dedicate yourself to making your life a living legend of the ability to look beyond the self and toward interactions with others. This is your time to go forth and find the best of who you are and be prepared to share this with the world.

Your Potential

On your path of discovery, where you want to end up is with some answers concerning your potential – your potential as an individual, your potential as a partner, your potential as a social being, your potential as a member of your profession/organization, and your potential as a member of the human race. There is no crystal ball to answer these questions, but if some conclusions can be made based on past happenings, there may be a way to make a few predictions.

As an individual, you have shown yourself to be practical when viewing the course of your life. You care for yourself and others regularly and in equal degrees of expression. As a partner, you are mature and future oriented. Demonstrating caring in a committed relationship is your life ideal. As a professional, you are very self-determined and consistent. You show your caring nature in all environments with a nod toward what is socially acceptable to the time and place. Caring has so many ways of being demonstrated, just listening non-judgmentally and with full attention can be seen as a genuine act of caring. As a human being, you are recognized as someone who is tenacious and steadfast; someone to be counted on when in need. Your intentions are the best silent advocates for the kind of person you are.