Your Primary Shape is a Oval

Superpower = Observation

Your choice of the Cylinder defines you as someone with an innate ability to observe the world around you with the eyes of a gifted intuitive. You see past the obvious and intuitively ‘know’ beyond what can be easily explained. You have an almost magical sense of dismissing the superficial in order to understand who people really are. You look beyond the merely observable and see situations with the ability to project with foresight a knowledge of possible consequences. You have a rare sense of knowing – an almost ‘Sixth Sense’ that defies rational thought. Others come to you for advice or consultation. You are often a first choice when seeking a confidante. You have a quiet way of knowing and speaking that imparts wisdom and a deep understanding. Yours is a gift to be savored by you and one to be shared with others. It is a gift that enlightens mind, body, spirit, and illuminates your life purpose.

Your Potential

On your journey toward perfecting your skills as an intuit, you will want to end up with some answers concerning your potential – your potential as an individual, your potential as a partner, your potential as a social being, your potential as someone skilled as an intuit, and your potential as a member of the human race. There is no crystal ball to answer these questions, but if some conclusions can be made based on past happenings, there might be a way to make a few predictions.

It is true that you have only casually tapped into your skill as an intuit. It is up to you to now be purposeful in deciding how you will effectively harness this skill to your best advantage. To do this, you will need to focus reflectively on your inner self. This is a most complex and illusive skill and requires dedicated effort to bring it to fruition. The rewards will truly be worth the effort. You will learn so much about yourself it will be a ‘wake-up call’ to what you can accomplish in your life and with your life. Remember that you are a part of the web – what you do for yourself will have repercussions on the other elements of the web. The better you are able to tap into and harness this intuitive skill, the better able you will be to know yourself and to use your skill for improving the lives of others. This is a big part of your purpose, and without a doubt, you will be both amazed at your prowess and delighted to share your potential. It is truly a gift.

As a partner, you will be a wellspring of creative thought and ideas. You will instinctively ‘know’ other individuals through your power of observation and intuition. You will anticipate their needs and have an idea of how to meet them. Don’t be discouraged if they do not respond in kind. Remember you are the one with the gift. Give your partner – and everyone else for that matter – the benefit of the doubt and understand that being instantly intuitive to the wants and needs of others is a special skill that you have inherited and have developed. Continue to observe and give. In the end, it all will come back to you. That’s karma.

As a social being, your ability to observe objectively and respond accordingly is unique and much appreciated by those with whom you associate. Always remember that, while skillful observation and correctly applied intuition can yield surprisingly good results, these are aptitudes that don’t come naturally to everyone. Some individuals will appreciate your astute observations and intuitive messages, others will look at you aghast not quite knowing what to make of you. Your advantage will be to draw back a bit and allow the uninitiated to get to know you better. Go easy with your talent … it is a skill both rare and wonderful.

The challenge now will be to discover some aspect of your observant/intuitive self that you might develop into something of tangible benefit to the social order and the human race. Have you considered what you might do or develop that will leave a lasting legacy when you are no longer on this earth? This is the real outcome of your own special ‘purpose’ … to find something satisfying to you that will endure, enlighten, and improve the lives of those you leave behind. You have a whole toolbox of possibilities – your powers of observation will soon spot the ‘need’ and your intuitive self will connect with the idea that will be the inspiration. Do remember that this will be an outcome of the person that you are in the depths of your soul. Think back on Princess Diana. She didn’t realize what an earthshaking, revolutionary idea she hit upon when she hugged an AIDS patient but the shockwaves that followed spurred a new way to think about the illness and made life so much better for so many. Look for your inspired moment. It is just waiting for you.