Your Primary Shape is a Circle

Superpower = Creator

Your choice of the Circle defines you as a creative individual; someone for whom the urge to express yourself in ways unique to you alone is deeply ingrained in your very being. You are the center of your universe, surrounded and supported by a cadre of family and friends who recognize your gifts and encourage your creative self.

You have the heart of a medieval troubadour and the talent of a modern-day Michelangelo. Some of your creative gifts have been hidden or suppressed by the needs of living in a day-to-day world. Your challenge will be to find the time to nurture your creative instincts to where they can blossom alongside the demands of your everyday existence. It is time to show the world who you really are.

Your Potential

Your choice of the circle defines you as a creative being recognized as someone with the potential to express their talents in a number of diverse ways. The major challenge you face is discovering the talent that is uniquely “you” and accessing this talent to produce the product that will stand as a legacy to you after you are gone from this earth.

While you are here and honing your talent, do not forget to use your abundant personal skills to nurture and support the gifts and talents of those around you, and to acknowledge the contributions of those who are also seeking to find their legacies. Along with a great talent, you have a great heart. Remember to access it in the cause of helping others.