How Preference Influences Choice

March 30, 2019

By Gary C Smith, Director of Education and Training and Geomic Code Reader, Geomic Code Research Institute

What if I told you that you have a window into your unconscious choices? And what if that window could help you discover the path you have not yet taken – no matter your age or stage in life?

Geomic Code: Unlocking the Mystery of Unconscious Choice by Phillip Canville Sr. is the story of how the author learned about this window, something he called the “Geomic Code”. The story also reveals how he developed a “test” to help people see how their preferences for certain shapes and colors influence their relationships, life direction…even their understanding of the very purpose of their existence.

At the Geomic Code Research Institute, which Phil founded before he died with Sharon Stewart-Canville and Randy Wight (co-authors of the book), we now call this “test” the Geomic Code Assessment. Rather than a test scored for “right” and “wrong” answers, the assessment is a record of a person’s gut reactions to more than 50 shapes, symbols and colors. Once someone like me “reads” that assessment, that person can gain deep insights into what those gut reactions mean at his or her core.

Sharon realized early on in our research that how someone takes the assessment is crucial to understanding the results. She said that, in taking her own assessment, she had to shake off the distractions that all of us are subject to on any given day. She called her process for preparing to take the assessment, “achieving ‘purity of preference’”. Here is what Sharon said:

I realized the importance, even necessity, of trusting my body’s instincts by being as present as possible, arriving at a grounded state of slowing down, breathing, relaxing.

I placed my feet flat on the ground and quieted my restless mind, and it made a difference. Once I allowed this to happen and followed the attraction and resistance to the symbols and colors, I was amazed at how precise the assessment became. It mirrored closely how I felt about myself and how my unconscious choices led me in directions that I was not consciously aware of.

When you take your Geomic Code Assessment, you, too, need to maintain a state of purity of preference so that it is a true “snapshot in time” of your instinctual reactions in that moment. That way, you will truly be ranking your attraction or resistance to each symbol, shape and color as you see it – as if for the first time. Preference is a powerful voice in the journey of human experience. Ken Keyes in his best seller, Handbook to Higher Consciousness, shares how upgrading demands and expectations to preferences takes you from a reactive mode to a less emotionally charged state of being in which you exhibit a calmer more sensible approach to stimuli.

Ken tells us that many of us surrender preference to the demands and expectations of others. These influences outside ourselves then become the unconscious controllers of our destiny. I think Phil would agree that the key to creating a happier self is in understanding how we can take our unconscious choices to a conscious level, leading to greater purpose, passion and fulfillment.

The Geomic Code Research Institute is making inroads into helping people discover their soul’s code using the Geomic Code Assessment. If you would like our help in finding your own “path not yet taken”, please call us at 925-975-6839 or email