How Do You Keep Intention Alive?

July 29, 2019

By Gary C Smith, Director of Education and Training and Geomic Code Reader, Geomic Code Research Institute

When you take a Geomic Code Assessment and have it read, you receive input on the six areas of preference that influence your life choices. The first of these areas is “Intent”. The Cambridge Dictionary defines “intent” as a noun this way: The fact that you want and plan to do something. And, “intent” is the root word for “intention”, which is defined as “an aim or plan”.

The old aphorism goes like this, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Whether you believe in the existence of hell or not, this saying does point to how intent or intention can erode over time in a way that has you making important life decisions almost by remote control and no longer plugged in to the intent at your spiritual core.

I have developed 7 rules of the road for keeping intention alive that you may find helpful:

  • Resolving to do something requires change. ReSOULutions are all about change. I cannot change unless I know where I am so that I know where I need to go from here. Change is rare without pain. Change comes from within.
  • Renewing my resolve may require outside energy. When I have lost my intention within myself, I may need impetus from outside myself to carry on toward the goal I have set. Ask yourself: Do I need help with this? If the answer is “yes”, look for that outside energy. If the answer is “no” or “not yet”, carry on.
  • Writing my intent down on paper can help. If I put pen to paper to declare my intention as if for the first time, I may find that is all the outside energy I need. Just the writing of it can serve up a different point of view, introduce me to a new ally, kick me in my spiritual butt with a remembered embarrassment or pain…maybe, dare I say it, present me with a batch of joy, an enlightened insight.
  • Resurrecting my intention may require following the Law of Threes…I have experienced at least two laws in my own life that may help you with this whole following-through-on-your-intention-thing. The first is the Law of Threes: This law can be seen in action in several ideas and beliefs – Mother, Father, Child. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Thinking in terms of the Law of Threes helps you gain and maintain a kind of natural momentum. As with a perfectly executed golf swing, follow-through carries you to a conclusion, the place where your intention becomes a reality.
  • …or the Law of Sevens. A piano keyboard illustrates this point beautifully. An octave from middle C (Do) to D (Re) to E (Me) to F (Fa) to G (So) to A (La) to B (Ti) ends at high C (Do), which is exactly eight pitches higher than middle C. And, as the “Do-Re-Mi” song says in the movie “The Sound of Music”, “…that will bring us back to Do.” Notice how the concept of “Do-Re-Mi” (which seems to be following the Law of Threes) gets expanded into a wider circle that still brings us back to the beginning even when you add four more steps to the three. There you are again, having completed the circle, back at the purity of preference that is your intention, your reSoulution, your Do.
  • Sharing your intention with a buddy can be a good thing. As you mine the edges of your new experiences resulting from carrying out your resolution, you will find recommended changes, new thoughts and feelings, and the imperative to break free of your comfort zone. “Do not do as you have always done.” Why not add extra oomph to your momentum by sharing your intention with a friend to maintain focus with the support of someone outside yourself? “We get by with a little help from our friends.”
  • Paying attention to what gets you stuck helps you avoid the quicksand of life. Pay attention to what you pay attention to. Where is your focus at any one time? How far has it strayed from where you planned to be at this point in time? While you set your sights on where you want to go, experience a hefty dose of gratitude for how far you’ve come.

Remember the line from the opening song of “Cheers”, the TV show? “Finding your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got!” It takes following through on our intention. It takes reSoulution. But you have this, right?

Our mission at the Geomic Code Research Institute is to aid people in discovering how preference influences their decisions. If you would like our help in uncovering the mystery behind your own unconscious choices and your own path not yet taken, please call us at 925-975-6839 or email