How Chakras Color Your Spiritual Core

June 29, 2019

By Gary C Smith, Director of Education and Training and Geomic Code Reader, Geomic Code Research Institute

“…talk about inner force centers caught my attention and made me more curious about how [Chakras] could be tied to my theories about perspective reality and truth.”
– Phil Canville, The Geomic Code: Unlocking the Mystery of Unconscious Choice

The Geomic Code Research Institute (GCRI) is continuing to study the many facets of the code that helps us get to the soul of what it means to be human. The Institute’s Geomic Code Readers are taking a workshop on Chakras with Debbie Rosas, founder of NIA, a dance and movement discipline that aligns martial arts and mindfulness to tone your body while transforming your mind.

In her blog article titled “This Body Spaceship Suit” Debbie Rosas said this, “As I go deep into exploring the…anatomy…layer by layer, I have come to believe the body is the perfect suit, Gucci perfection…designed to adapt and change to fit the needs of…the one wearing the suit…the body will do what it has to do to assist you, to grow, change, and adapt to fit who you are, and who you are becoming.”

At the Institute, we are excited to explore how our readings of individual Geomic Code Assessments can be enhanced by understanding how the Chakra energy system works in the body. With our ongoing study we hope to discover how human energies can be unblocked and individuals can, thus, find deep purpose in their lives while augmenting their ability to interact with others.

Here is a simplified definition of the seven Chakra centers (aka “wheels”, which is what “Chakras” means in the original Sanskrit) from the first root to the crown:



3-Power to act

4-Compassion for self and others



7-Spiritual remembrance

Remember: Self-knowledge is the key to manifesting your DNA (Dynamic Natural Abilities).

Have you taken a Geomic Code Assessment yet? It is free to take. Let your Assessment help guide you to a path not yet taken.