Happy New Life!

December 26, 2019

By Randy Wight, CEO, Geomic Code Research Institute

“Happy New Year!” This greeting is bandied about this time of year; not sure when it stops being something you say…you know, like not wearing white after Labor Day. Maybe that is our problem. We seem to think there have to be official days on which we can start and stop saying and doing things. The ceremonies of civility – like the food we eat – appear to have a shelf life.

In some ways we like to have lines of demarcation. Maybe we should greet a newborn with “Happy New Life!” That might eliminate the need for boundaries of demarcation. But, then, in early life, once they stop calculating your life in months, they slap the toddler title on you and you cross the line into…Not-So-New Life? At this stage the “Happy New Life!” greeting would become a distant memory.

And just as a reminder: Toddlerhood is followed by childhood, the teen years and, finally, adulthood. All these labels give us a general idea of what someone may have experienced at various stages of his or her life, though each of us can have a wide variance in those experiences, ultimately leading to the unique person we are becoming.

Once we reach adulthood, we are full of experiences. Many of us assume that those experiences (like the directions “look both ways before crossing the street” or “always call your mother”) are programmed into why we do what we do. But what about those deeper questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” The answers to these deeper questions lie just below our waking thoughts. There must be a way, I thought, to make sense of it all – to bring those answers into the light of day.

While researching this question, I was introduced to the Geomic Code. Embedded in the code was a way, through an online Assessment, to discover the mystery of unconscious choice – in short, why we do what we do. Maybe, I thought, I am more than the sum of my experiences. Maybe in exploring the Geomic Code, I was finding a way to become more present, awake to what was going on and my role within it. This code might allow me to be conscious of my decision-making and, in turn, help me make decisions based on conscious choice.

That is when it hit me – “Happy New Life!” Just as I had transitioned from infanthood (when I was unable to navigate the world around me) into toddlerhood, when I began exploring that world, seeing the results of my Geomic Code Assessment was helping me add present choices and their outcomes to my lexicon of experiences. And, by virtue of this process, I was growing.

That is when I knew I needed to tell others. A book…OK, more…a group of like-minded individuals who, like me, are open to discovering all the possibilities in their life.

It is a New Year, and it’s your turn now. Make 2020 a journey to a “Happy New Life!”

Curious about the Geomic Code Assessment and what it might mean for you? Do an Assessment online. Your Assessment will take only minutes and could change your life. It certainly has changed mine. (And if you’d like to talk about what next steps might be in your discovery process, email us at info@geomiccode.com or call 888-424-2191.