Do You Have a Calling?

May 31, 2019

By Gary C Smith, Director of Education and Training and Geomic Code Reader, Geomic Code Research Institute

Do you believe that each of us has a calling? If you do believe this, as I do, then you know that this calling did not come from your mother, father, church or school, not even from a friend or broadcast or social media. Many times, those influences are distractions layered over our authentic selves, our spiritual core.

Plato’s acorn theory holds that each person has uniqueness that asks to be lived and that is already present before birth. We bear the seed of the mighty oak before we are even conceived.

How can that be?
To see this idea from Plato’s point of view, you should know that he believed each person’s soul is guided by a daimon, from before birth and throughout life. Plato further said that we forget all that took place before our birth; we arrive on earth an empty vessel. The daimon remembers and carries our destiny.

At the Geomic Code Research Institute we work with people to uncover or recover what that destiny is.

Do you have a calling?

How do we do this?
One way is to, in a sense, “read a person’s life backwards.” We help people who take the Geomic Code Assessment, and have it read by a Geomic Code Reader, see the tree they have become and then look back past the growing, to the gifts they were given at birth.

This idea of the daimon, which we received from ancient thought leaders like Plato, implies that we must attend to our childhood to catch glimpses of the daimon in action.

Geomic Code Readers aid those who come to us to recognize their call as crucial to aligning their life with their authentic self. We help them find the uncommon sense that can lead to a deeper understanding of who their real self is and what the patterns outlined by the soul and the daimon can teach them about their path not yet taken.

To view this calling through the prism of the discoverer of the Geomic Code (Phil Canville), each soul has a code, hiding in plain sight. All that is needed for us to uncover the mystery of our own soul’s code is the assistance of a code reader.

Geomic Code Readers believe that everything in our individual lives leads up to the day we are living today. There are no accidents. All the pain, suffering, illness, work, heartache, love, success, magic, mystery, boredom and comedy we have experienced up to this point are reminders of the call.

And even if we have forgotten the call, postponed our response to it, tried to ignore it or run from it, the call will keep ringing.

Once upon a time, what took such good care of us was a guardian spirit, and we knew well how to pay it appropriate attention.

How have we fallen so far?
Our adult lives are less determined by our childhood than by how we have learned to imagine what our childhood was like. Were we victims of abuse and neglect, of control and addictions? The victim is the flip side of the hero. It is the hero who answers the call.

When we are children, we straddle two lives simultaneously – the one we are born with and the one we learn to live among the group of people we were born into.

What does your picture of yourself have to do with the particularity you feel is your real you? Does a childhood vision show something different from your mirrored image?

Plato’s acorn theory champions children, those young and old. The theory affirms an understanding of who you are at your very core.

Our mission at the Geomic Code Research Institute is to aid people in discovering their unique call. If you would like our help in uncovering the mystery behind your own unconscious choices and your own path not yet taken, please call us at 925-975-6839 or email