Meet the Team


Randy Wight

Chief Executive Officer

Randy Wight is Chief Executive Officer of the Mindset Shift Project, which he co-founded with Sharon Stewart-Canville in 2017. Randy has applied his 30 plus years in sales, marketing and business development experience to the creation of this transformational company.

Randy's work with co-founder and co- author of Geomic Code: Unlocking the Mystery of Unconscious Choice, Phil Canville Sr., was the springboard for creation of this revolutionary Institute. His intimate knowledge of the Geomic Code and his experience as an inventor, lecturer, author and successful businessman help him lead this organization.

Randy is also President and CEO of E5 Management Inc., a business development corporate management company. The company provides innovative solutions to other businesses in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Training and Operations. As a start-up and turnaround specialist, he offers an innovation program that helps bring new products and services from concept to fruition, while creating, protecting and enhancing the value of the customer experience.

Inventor, trainer, performer and speaker, Randy also finds time to work on the philanthropic side of his interests, raising money for numerous non-profits through improv shows he produces. A graduate of California State University, Hayward, Randy has worked hard to balance family, work and philanthropy.


Sharon Stewart-Canville


Sharon Stewart-Canville is co-author of The Geomic Code: Unlocking the Mystery of Unconscious Choice and long-time educator, having taught elementary school in California and Minnesota for many years. She was engaged in volunteer work with Diablo Light Opera Company in Walnut Creek, California, as a prop coordinator. That is where she met Phillip Canville ("Phil"), who worked with stage lighting.

Sharon began working with Phillip Canville in 1994. What started as a tutor-editor / student relationship grew into a deeper partnership. Weekly sessions during which Sharon corrected Phil's papers for the classes he was taking at Diablo Valley College (he was diagnosed as "dyslexic") resulted in dinner dates and long conversations about Phil's varied interests and his work on a theory about human interaction he called "Geomic Code". Eventually, she became involved in Phil's work by helping to develop what has come to be called the "Geomic Code Assessment".

Sharon's ability to think analytically, coupled with her long-term personal relationship with Phil, made her the logical choice to "translate" Phil's abstract thoughts into language others could understand. Through the process of their discussing the Geomic Code, they were able to standardize the concept of Geomic Code into a form easily explained to others.

After Phil's death, Sharon has been instrumental in helping to establish the Geomic Code Research Institute, where she continues Phil's work and acts as a Geomic Code Reader, helping those who take the Assessment to, as she put it, "…see [their] strengths and act on them…[and] become aware of [their] areas of need and work to improve them…build stronger ties with [their] families, recognize [their] creative talents, accept [their] compassionate natures and allow for [their] emotions."


Susan Glaeser Stoney


Susan Glaeser Stoney (known to most as “Sue”) is the editor of The Geomic Code: Unlocking the Mysteries of Unconscious Choice. Sue has been a writer, editor and writing coach for more than 25 years in the corporate world and as an independent communicator for five years. She has helped many people develop content and write their unique stories.

Sue was first introduced to the theory of Geomic Code by Randy Wight, one of the co-authors of the book, together with Phillip Canville and Sharon Stewart-Canville. She collaborated with Randy to bring the story of Geomic Code to a published book and continues to work with the Geomic Code Research Institute to share that story with the wider world.


Gary C. Smith

Director of Training

Gary C. Smith is the Director of Training for the Geomic Code Research Institute. He served as special adviser for education and on the advisory board prior to being named to the Director position.
Gary works closely with Sharon Stewart-Canville and Randy Wight to develop educational programs for the Institute. His extensive background in self-actualization and self-development workshops like, “The Sage Experience”, and “Avatar” positions him perfectly for the role of assisting in the creation of educational models for the Institute.
Prior to serving on the advisory board for the Geomic Code Research Institute, Gary dedicated five decades to the study of Christianity, the Masons, Rosicrucian’s, transcendentalism, Buddhism, hypnosis and creative visualization. He was co-founder of the Gurdjieff Center at Two Rivers Farm in Oregon and led training programs focused on Metalinguistics, becoming certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Gary also studied ancient literature and metaphysics at the University of Oregon and Portland State University. A speech coach and lecturer, he is author to Rainbow Trail Tools, a Tarot coloring book, How to Own the Stage, and The Sage Experience.
Find out more about Gary at his website